Craig R. Pedersen is an artist without credientials who has spents his life, painting writing, photographing, videotaping and movie making, not to leave out music lyrics and music production.
As a writer, he has published historical cook books, web sites, musicals and rock operas, stage shows, as well as technical articals and news articals and features.  He wrote, narated and produced historical clips for a television show called "The West Side" for channel 14, Turlock, California.
There will be jump links on this page to  take you to see his airbrush murals, his watercolors and washes, his cook book, as well as his personal website.
A graduate of Lompoc Senior High School, Lompoc California, class of 1965. He worked with rock bands in high school and junior college.  He moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1967. living in an old victorian across the street from the science building, just under construction at the time.
There he met the rock band "Timne", who became "Uther Pendragon" who he has had a lifetime working relationship with.  He is present;ly managing "Bad Daddy", founded by Bruce Marelich and Mark Lightcap (not from Acatone), from Uther Pendragon. 
Having just finished a Rock Musical on Pendragon, he decided to try out the "novel" As something different to try and write.   He is provocative on many levels, some of these stories taking directions that are "Verboten" through the publishing elite.

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San Francisco Earthquake by Uther Pendragon
Released January 14th 2016 by Guerssen /Records after discovering it  on the internet.